What is the ideal size for an indoor cannabis plant?

Written by on 3 April, 2022

Growing marijuana indoors has its advantages, as you know, with this type of planting it is much easier to control the growing environment, as for example you can manipulate the temperature, lighting or humidity.

Well, although planting your Mary Jane indoors can be very beneficial it also comes with its own challenges as growers usually struggle constantly with space limitations.

When planting indoors, it is very important to choose a cannabis strain that does not grow so big to avoid future inconveniences, but what is the ideal size that my weed should have in this space? Keep reading this post, we tell you.

Ideal size for cannabis plants grown indoors

Unlike outdoor plantations, where cannabis flowers can grow freely, plants grown indoors, as we mentioned, should be a little smaller to get more out of your growing operation because the space is smaller.

Some growers recommend that the ideal size of indoor plants should not exceed 50 or 60 cm in height.

Taking into account the growth of your flowers, when planting in grow rooms or grow tents is essential to ensure that there is enough space for them to develop.

It is very important to provide your plants with adequate lighting to control their growth. Make sure the lights are not too far away; otherwise, your girls will start to stretch in search of better quality light, and what you will get as a result will be spindly plants.

The most recommended strains for grow-rooms are indicas as they are more robust and bushy than sativas, but autoflowering strains are also recommended as they are particularly small and fast growing.

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