What is the ideal light spectrum for my indoor marijuana growing?

Written by on 28 September, 2021

To grow marijuana successfully one of the factors that can not miss is the lighting, therefore, you will have to buy lamps or bulbs to meet this requirement in your indoor plantation.

You must choose the most suitable lighting system for your growing, before buying your lights keep in mind factors such as the power of the bulbs, the heat they produce, and their light spectrum. Precisely about the latter, we will talk about in this post.

What is the ideal light spectrum for my indoor marijuana growing?

When we talk about the light spectrum, it could be translated as the color of the light. You will see some lights that are usually used to grow marijuana tend to be more bluish or cooler, while others are more reddish to warm.

To know how to light indoor marijuana growing, it is ideal to take into account two very important stages in the life cycle of cannabis strains: growth and flowering.

During the vegetative stage, bluish lights are the most suitable, while during the flowering stage, bulbs with a red light spectrum are recommended.
During the rooting of clones and the seedling stage, most growers use blue light CFL bulbs. In the growth stage, MH lamps are generally used, while HPS bulbs are usually used for flowering.




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