What is the difference between indoor growing and micro marijuana growing?

Written by on 15 February, 2022

When you have been growing your marijuana for a short time, it is normal to have some doubts about the different ways of growing it. For example, many growers confuse indoor growing with micro-growing, although they are very similar, they are not the same. Keep reading this article, and know the difference between these two.

Indoor growing and micro-growing

Planting marijuana indoors can offer you great advantages. One of them is that this type of planting allows you to control the growing process more efficiently.

Micro-growing is more or less the same as standard indoor growing, the main difference between the two is the space they occupy. Micro-growing does not require large dimensions like a room, but something much more discreet. The space used to grow marijuana is much smaller.

Among the different examples of where a micro-growing is carried out, we can include the box or case of a computer, an old speaker box or a small handmade grow box.

Although in micro-growing the dimensions of the plantation are smaller, you can still get good quality marijuana. You should also do some thorough planning to ensure that everything is in order. Generally, you must follow the same indications as in standard indoor growing, for example, you must decide the type of seeds you are going to plant, the appropriate lamps you are going to use, the size of the pot, in short.

Micro-growing is ideal for those growers who prefer a not very abundant production and save on electricity bills.



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