What is the best location for greenhouse marijuana growing?  

Written by on 5 April, 2022

What is the best location for greenhouse marijuana growing?

For many cannabis growers, growing marijuana in a greenhouse is a great alternative. In fact, with this option, your plants will be able to receive sunlight, like outdoor crops, and at the same time, you will be able to provide your girls with protection from the weather, insects, and animals.

When growing marijuana in a greenhouse, in addition to benefiting from natural light, you can also use artificial lighting, so you can control the vegetative and flowering phase of your strains as you do indoors.

On the other hand, besides defining the marijuana seeds you are going to sow, and the equipment you will need to grow, among others, you must choose the best location to place your greenhouse.

If you are thinking of using grow lights, fans, extractors, and other electrical equipment, it is best to build your greenhouse near an electrical outlet.

It is also important that the location of the greenhouse is in a place that is not exposed to strong winds and adverse weather conditions. For example, look for a sheltered spot behind your house.

If you prefer to build your greenhouse in a less protected area, such as in the middle of the garden, you will have to secure it to the site very well to prevent it from blowing away in strong winds.

Make sure that the place you choose to place your greenhouse is a place where your plants will receive enough sunlight. Also, make sure it is a place where there is a water supply nearby so that you can water your plants without any problem.





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