What is the best light spectrum for my autoflowering cannabis plants?

Written by on 8 August, 2022

Autoflowering cannabis plants are undoubtedly a great option for those growers who want to get their harvest as soon as possible, as these flowers are generally characterized by growing very fast.

It happens with photoperiod strains, auto cannabis plants need factors such as lighting to develop properly. Now, what is the most suitable light spectrum for this type of strain?

Well, look at this post, because here we will talk about the subject and try to clear up your doubts.

Ideal light spectrum for autoflowering strains

As you may know, cannabis strains during the vegetative and flowering stage require different light spectra for each phase.

Generally, in the growth stage it is recommended to use lamps that emit blue light to favor the development of healthy leaves and strong stems. While, in the flowering phase, lights with a red light spectrum are recommended to promote the formation of buds.

Well, as we mentioned, autoflowering cannabis flowers grow very fast, and unlike photoperiodic strains, they do not need a change in the light cycle to start flowering, as they do it automatically.

For the growing of this type of strains, some growers advise that it is better to use a mixed spectrum of warm and cold light bulbs (CMH and HPS) or in any case opt for full spectrum LED lights, ideal for the whole life cycle of your auto girls.


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