What is the appropriate pot size for micro marijuana growing?

Written by on 14 December, 2022

Micro marijuana growing is like a correct indoor grow but on a much smaller scale.

Thanks to new growing tools and different advances, micro growers can achieve excellent yields in these small spaces. If you have only a small area at home to grow your weed, don’t hesitate and set up your micro marijuana grow.

Keep in mind, that as with all other growing setups, you will need to provide a correct environment for your plants to grow and develop as well as possible.

As a grower, you will have to ensure lighting, ventilation, temperature, and the most appropriate pot size. It is precisely this last aspect that we are going to focus on in this article.

What size pot should I use for micro cannabis growing?

Marijuana micro growing is usually done with soil since setting up a hydroponic system in such a small space can be very difficult.

When choosing the pot you are going to use, take into account that large containers take up too much space and can hinder the illumination of the plants. Also, a pot that is too small can stunt the growth of the vines and cause their roots to knot.

You choose the right pot for your plantation because the size of the plant which you grow a plant is directly related to the volume at which it will grow.

If you want to obtain plants of “normal height” you should use 12-liter containers. If you wish to limit its growth, the 5l pots lower the height of the plant to about 60cm, while the 2-3l pots, only allow it to reach about 24cm. The exact size of your marijuana plants will also vary depending on their genetics.

Some people recommend using 3-liter pots for micro growing, but it’s up to you. Just keep in mind that cannabis strains grown in small pots will need to be fertilized and watered more frequently than those grown in larger containers with more soil.






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