What is powdery mildew and how does it affect your cannabis growing?

Written by on 26 June, 2020

As you may know, cannabis is a plant that can be affected by various pests, just like any other plant in nature. This time, we will tell you about powdery mildew, from which you should protect your growing.

A common disease

Unfortunately, powdery mildew is very common in cannabis growing; this is a fungal disease, characterized by covering the plants with a fine white powder, (which mostly tends to accumulate in young foliage).

How does powdery mildew affect cannabis?

Well, the answer is not encouraging, because this disease will first cause the leaves of your plants to bend upwards and then destroy them. Likewise, white powdery mildew can cause small harvests, and can damage buds and even kill the whole plant.

The fungus caused by this disease feeds on the foliage, and after a while, it will eventually cause the leaves to rot. It will also contribute to stunting the growth of the whole plant.


Give your cannabis growing the necessary care and be sure to check it from time to time for any irregularities.

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