What is hermaphroditic cannabis, and how to avoid it?

Written by on 3 November, 2022

As you know cannabis, plants can be male or female plants. The first ones, generally, are used to produce seeds, while the second ones, the grown ones look for them to obtain buds rich in cannabinoids and other compounds.

In any case, it is very important that you keep in mind that in certain opportunities it can be the case that in your marijuana growing you find one or several hermaphrodite plants. If you still don’t know what they are, don’t worry that we will tell you right away. So keep reading.

Hermaphrodite Cannabis

As we said to you previously a variety of cannabis can be of a sex or another one. In this sense, we speak about a plant of hermaphrodite marijuana when this one possesses both sexes, that is to say that it develops so much male flowers as female flowers.

Surely, in this moment you are wondering what happens if in your plantation you only to produce buds of marijuana full of resin? However, these hermaphrodite plants appear. This is an excellent question.

Well, when a marijuana plant presents this profile, you must be alert, because your growing could be seriously harmed because, in these cases the most likely is that the quality and quantity of the harvest will be reduced, because what you will end up finding will be many seeds.

Why does hermaphroditism occur?

The hermaphroditism also known as monoceia, mainly, can be generated by two reasons: the genetic origin of the plant or because of the environmental conditions where it develops.

Genetic origin

In the cannabis world, there is an infinity of varieties of cannabis, and that a plant develops hermaphrodite or not, depends on the chosen strain. Keep in mind that some varieties that are usually more sensitive than others are to hermaphroditism.

For its part, the technique used for the manufacture of the seeds will also have to see in which plants are generated hermaphrodites. Therefore, it is very important that you buy your seeds in banks and recognized places, to reduce the risk of this phenomenon.

Environmental factor

A plant of marijuana can develop both sexes, if the conditions for its development are not the suitable ones. The plant could be stressed and derive in the hermaphroditism.

To avoid this situation, it is very important that you make sure that you perform the pruning methods at the right time, also, you must take care of your plants from pests and external agents and maintain factors such as temperature, lighting, watering, among others, at the right levels.

Try to avoid all costs, situations that cause stress to the cannabis plants, especially when it is in its flowering stage.




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