What is green light used for in marijuana growing?

Written by on 21 October, 2022

When we talk about a type of lighting used in indoor marijuana growing, it is to think only of the blue light used in the vegetative stage or the red light used for flowering, but the green light is used for the grower.

If you do not know what green light is used for in marijuana plantations, find out in this article, here we tell you about it.

Greenlight in the marijuana growing

In indoor marijuana plantations, it is sometimes necessary to carry out maintenance tasks when the lights are off, but the process of entering the growing area with flashlights, for example, to illuminate, can alter the rest of our girls.

You see, during flowering, the darkness cycle must be respected in its entirety; otherwise, if there is some light pollution during this stage, it can cause this process to be longer, the plant to re-vegetate or male flowers to appear.

If you need to carry out some activity on your plantation, avoid altering the night cycle of indoor marijuana. Using green light can be helpful because plants do not seem to have photoreceptors for green light (they cannot absorb it). Therefore, if you use the lighting of this color, you will not disturb their night period, and they will not be stressed.

It is vital to mention that this type of light is not recommended for growing in general. While it is true that green light is used to illuminate the growth in the dark period, it is advisable not to light your buds directly with it. Try to use this type of lighting only for necessary reasons.





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