What is Fusarium and how does it affect your cannabis growing?

Written by on 21 April, 2020

As you know, there are many factors that can endanger your cannabis growing, and one of these is the appearance of pests and harmful fungi like Fusarium, which we will talk about on this occasion.


What is Fusarium?

Fusarium, as we have already mentioned, is a genus of filamentous fungi, which can produce a fungal disease known as Fusariosis. This fungus inhabits the substrate and can considerably affect marijuana because it prevents the transmission of water and nutrients, therefore, it can cause the death of the plant.


Damage it causes to cannabis

This fungus usually begins to colonize marijuana plants from the soil, reaching the stem through the roots. Finally, through the vascular system, it invades the whole plant, causing the obstruction of the vessels of the leaves and the stem. Depending on the variety, the Fusarium attacks in a different way, however, there are a series of symptoms with which you can notice the presence of this fungus in your growth.


1.- Fusarium affects the stem (dark spots are reflected) and the roots start to rot.  Both parts of the plant usually turn a brownish color.

2.- Marijuana growth stops or stagnation in flowering.

3.- The plants lose vigor and their leaves look decayed and yellow.

4.- Withering.


Why can Fusarium appear?

The truth is that there are multiple factors that can cause this fungus to appear such as the use of already contaminated substrate (a soil infected with this fungus can remain like this for many years) or soil with a deficit of Nitrogen and rich in Potassium, excess humidity, lack of illumination and exposure to high temperatures.



Fusarium is normally present in warm and tropical regions and spreads very easily. The best way to take care of your cannabis grow is to be very aware of it, during all its development stage, because this way, you can act fast if your crop gets infected with this fungus.

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