What is continuous marijuana growing or perpetual harvesting?

Written by on 7 December, 2022

Do you tire of waiting for months between harvests to get your precious buds? Well, then the continuous marijuana growing method might be of interest to you.

With a planting alternative you could harvest more than once a year, so you’ll have a much more constant supply of buds. Sounds great!  Stay with us and learn more.

What is the continuous growing method? 

When we talk about continuous cycle growing or perpetual harvesting indoors, we are referring to that method that consists of having different tents or growing spaces that contain plants in all stages, so you will never run out of buds.

You see, when you harvest your plants in the flowering space, you will have other plants ready (that have already completed the vegetation in a different space) to move and replace the ones you have just harvested.

As we mentioned, this system will allow you to grow and harvest uninterruptedly throughout the year without having to stop the harvest.

To carry out this technique only requires a little more space, additional equipment and good organization.

For indoor growers this technique comes in handy, as it is an ideal alternative to improve the final yield of your plantation.

It is important to keep in mind that continuous harvests require more time on the part of the grower, but who doesn’t like to spend time with their children?

Also, keep in mind that carrying out this method of growing will represent a greater expense for your pocket, although it will be worth it when you see your jars overflowing with cannabis.









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