What is a root wash and how to apply it to your marijuana plants?

Written by on 8 October, 2020

Cannabis is a plant that can offer you, depending on the strain, a great variety of effects, flavors, aromas and can even be very resistant; however, it needs certain care or procedures to ensure optimal growth.

One of the ideal tasks to obtain a successful harvest is to apply a washing of roots, you do not know what it is or how it is done, well, do not worry, here we tell you what it is about. Keep reading this post.

What is a root wash and why do it?

Roots are in charge of transporting nutrients to the rest of the plant, therefore, when they present problems, your plants could stop growing.

The reasons why the roots of your plants can have problems are several, but one of the most common reasons is that they suffer from an excess of fertilization because of the fertilizer or that the frequency with which you apply the water is not the right one.

It is ideal to be aware of the state of your roots, so, applying a wash of them can be of great help to keep them healthy.

Root washing consists of pouring enough water on the plants to remove unnecessary nutrients from the substrate from the pots or containers.

This process will help to improve the quality of your harvest, since by getting rid of the remains of fertilizers your buds will have a better taste and smell.

Tips to carry out the root washing properly

– Applying a root wash to your plants is very easy; you just need to water it abundantly until the soil is clean of fertilizers. Just remember that this system can be applied to plants grown in pots or hydroponic systems.

– It is recommended that the water you use is neither too cold nor too hot, it is advisable between one 20 to 22 º. Also, make sure that the pH and EC level is safe for marijuana. Usually, tap water has a healthy pH level, but if not, you should correct it.

– So that the pot isn’t waterlogged and end up drowning your plant, you should make sure that this liquid comes out below it. Water the pot continuously, let it drain and then water again. One of the signs that will indicate that you are doing this process well is when you observe that the water that comes out little by little is getting clearer, in comparison with the way it was at the beginning, when it is finished it should look almost transparent, it will seem cleaner.

When the time is right

Usually a root wash is done two weeks before each harvest, if you have a plant that flowers in 8 weeks, the wash will start six weeks after the start of the flowering stage.

Be careful, if you do it early, it will cause the loss of too many minerals and the leaves of your plants will become yellowish or discolored.

During the growing phase you can also apply a root wash to remove excess nutrients or fertilizer from the soil, just make sure that is the real problem.



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