What is a luxmeter and what is it used in the cannabis growing

Written by on 3 December, 2020

Today the cannabis industry has grown so much that it is now easier to have a series of tools and devices that allow you to optimize your work as a cannabis grower.

Have you heard speak of the luxmeter, well if it is not thus, it neglects that at once we explained it to you.


A luxmeter is a device or apparatus used to measure the amount of light (lux=lumen/m²) in a given environment. This tool allows cannabis growers to know more easily if the amount of light that their precious plants are receiving, is the right one. On the market, you will surely find various models to suit their budgets.

This tool offers several benefits to cannabis growers, and here we will introduce you to three of them.

1) It can help you to have abundant harvests

To obtain great harvests, without a doubt, one of the factors that you must guarantee to him to your cannabis is a suitable illumination. With this device, you will determine the correct distance between the lights and the plants, to detect the places where the light does not arrive, and to make the opportune corrections to provide the necessary light so that the cannabis develops a good production (clear that this also depends on that other factors like the nutrition and the irrigation are in optimal levels).

2) It allows you to know when to replace the lamps

Generally, many types of lights such as HID with MH/HPS bulbs have a limited life, so they must be replaced from time to time. The luxmeter can help you to know reliably when your bulbs need to be replaced.

3) Helps to prevent inconveniences

As you know, both the lack of light and the excess of it are bad. In this case, the luxmeter plays a fundamental role; since it can help, you prevent inconveniences.

You will see, with a meter you will be able to know if the illumination of your plants is adequate or not. By providing enough light to your plants, you can avoid stress and problems such as burns.

Final considerations

Please note that the luxmeter will not work with the violet LEDs, which generate a purple light from the combination of blue and red LEDs.

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