What if my indoor marijuana growing has too much humidity?

Written by on 27 June, 2022

If you have little time to grow marijuana, it is likely that while you are busy looking for ways to increase the yields of the plantation, you forget to keep under control the humidity of your grow room.

The truth is, humidity is a factor that is often given less attention, but it also plays a vital role in keeping your plants growing healthy.

What happens when there is too much humidity in the grow room?

Humidity is the amount of water vapor in the air (in your grow room). Keeping this factor in check is critical if you want to avoid problems.

If your marijuana grow environment looks like a rainforest, you will be setting the stage for fungus to fill your plants.

Many growers fear high humidity levels because they know. In addition to fungi can cause disease and mold. Remember that an excess of humidity can endanger your flowers because it contributes to bud rot.

Maintaining good air circulation and ventilation, adequate spacing between plants, and constant monitoring are some ways to prevent this problem.

The ideal humidity of a plant depends on the stage it is. For example, cuttings and young plants need a lot of water. As the plant grows, this factor should be reduced. During the flowering phase of the plant, it is vital to keep the humidity below 50%.

To control this factor, it is ideal that you have the right equipment; that allows you to measure humidity levels, such as using a hygrometer.

When you need to reduce humidity levels, use a dehumidifier, while when you need to increase humidity, use a humidifier.



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