What happens if there are ants in my cannabis growing and how to get rid of them?

Written by on 11 September, 2022

When you grow your marijuana outdoors, your girls are not only exposed to the inclemencies of nature but also to the invasion of certain insects.

Well, surely at some point you noticed the presence of ants in your Mary Jane plantation. However, is it good or bad?

Well, the truth is that when these insects are in excess in your cannabis they can indirectly cause many problems to your flowers.

What inconveniences do they cause?

Usually ants create nests in the substrate of your plants, which can cause problems in the root system and delay the production of flowers.

In addition, one of the biggest drawbacks is that ants attract other types of pests such as aphids that if not eliminated in time eventually you may regret it.

Symptoms of ants in cannabis growing

When something goes wrong in your marijuana plantation, you can be sure that your plants will show it. Usually your flowers may show changes in their leaves turning yellow.

One sign that you can tell that ants are invading your grow is when you notice mounds of soil that shouldn’t be there.

Get rid of ants

To get rid of these insects, it is ideal to avoid using chemicals and pesticides that are harmful to your pot. There are other options you can opt for, among them are:

1- Use cinnamon

Cinnamon is a great ally to eliminate ants. Take a spoonful of cinnamon powder and throw it on the ground where these insects are concentrated, you will see how you will drive them away.

2- Get neem oil

Neem oil is undoubtedly the best friend of marijuana growers because this product contains powerful insecticidal compounds and is respectful with the planet. Consider it the next time you notice ants in your cannabis.

3- Use diatomaceous soil

Using diatomaceous soil is a fantastic idea to kill ants, besides being effective for it; it is also safe for your girls.



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