What happens if the roots of my cannabis plants are tangled?

Written by on 17 May, 2021

As you may know one of the most important parts of cannabis plants and to which you should pay extreme attention are the roots of our girls.

You see, the root system is the source responsible for absorbing the water, fertilizers and oxygen a plant needs to grow.

What happens if the roots of my marijuana flowers are tangled? Well, this is one of inconveniences most common that happens to cannabis growers. Stay with us we will tell you about it.

Tangled roots

As we mentioned, the roots of cannabis plants play a very important role in the development of your flowers.

Without a healthy root system, your girls will not be able to develop their full potential, so if you want to achieve satisfactory harvests it is essential to promote the health of the roots of your cannabis plants.

If your Mary Jane’s roots become tangled, they can cause various problems that could affect the development of your marijuana and your overall harvest. For example, when the root system is tangled it can cause nutritional deficiencies.

Generally, this inconvenience happens when the pots or the space where your plants are planted is very small or limited.

Sometimes it is possible to untangle the root system successfully, but preventing this from happening is always better. One way to do this indoors, for example, is to keep an eye on your flowers and transplant them to larger pots when necessary.




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