What happens if my cannabis plants turn purple?

Written by on 18 November, 2022

Usually, cannabis growers when they think about what their flowers will be like beautiful green plants come to mind, but you should know that sometimes, your girls could turn purple. Is it good or bad? What happens if my plants change to that color?

Look at this post, this time we will talk to you about this topic so pay close attention.

What happens if my cannabis plants turn purple?

Cannabis plants can turn purple for a variety of reasons, so it is often an indicator that something is wrong with your plants.

To know exactly what will happen if your cannabis plants turn purple, it is very important that you determine what was the reason for their color change, so you will know when you should be worried or when it is normal.

You see, in the cannabis world you can find several strains of marijuana that due to their genetics can change the color of their leaves and stems to purple, so if you notice that your girls change their appearance, it may be that you have come across one of these varieties and did not know it.

If you look at your flowers and they look healthy, then there is no reason to worry. If, on the other hand, you are sure that you did not grow plants with purple genetics, you may need to be vigilant to avoid fatal consequences.

Keep in mind that low temperatures are also one of the reasons why plants can turn purple, so it is very important that you check that the temperature of your growing room is correct; otherwise, sometimes this factor could bring negative consequences for your plants such as slowing their growth and flowering and even death.

In this sense, if you notice that the purple color of your girls is due to low temperatures, take it as a sign to be aware of them, if they continue to grow normally, stay calm, but if not, then it is important that you act in time to prevent your girls from being harmed.



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