What factors should you take into account before choosing the lighting system for your cannabis growing?

Written by on 2 December, 2022

As you know, unlike growing cannabis outdoors, where the sun is the source of illumination, indoors it is necessary to buy lamps or bulbs to fulfill this function.

Having a good lighting system can make the difference between flowers with little production and beautiful plants full of resinous buds. Therefore, it is necessary that you choose the most appropriate type of lights, to help you with it; here we will talk about some factors that you should take into account before buying your lamps.

1- Power

This is a very important point that you have to keep in mind, the higher the power, the better the productions will be, but also the higher the electricity bill will be. Generally, the most used power are 400 and 600 W bulbs with their corresponding ballasts.

2- Light spectrum

As you know, marijuana needs a specific type of light spectrum depending on the stage of growth.

For example in the vegetative stage they need blue light, generally HM bulbs are used, while in the flowering stage your girls require a red light spectrum, usually HPS bulbs are used.

3- Heat and space

The more light power you have in your growing space, the hotter it will get, therefore, if you have a small closet your girls may be in trouble, you should invest in fans to keep the temperature at bay and opt for lower wattage lights.

You can also opt for lamps that produce less heat such as LED lights; also, these bulbs consume less electricity.









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