What does the marijuana plant need for flowering? 

Written by on 1 December, 2022

Marijuana plants enter the flowering phase when the light cycle provides more hours of uninterrupted darkness. It is just at this moment that your beautiful strains will start to concentrate their energy on the production of buds (flowers).

Indoors, flowering will start if you change the light cycle from 18/6 (18 hours of light, 6 hours of darkness) to 12/12. While outdoors this happens when the days start to get shorter, at the end of summer.

During this stage you will also have to take care of your precious plants if you want to get good results, but what does marijuana need during this phase? Read on and find out.

1- Support structures for heavy buds 

When the marijuana plants are loaded with buds, the branches will probably bend or break under the weight of the flowers, you must prevent this from happening, for this, you can use bamboo canes and ropes to support the heavily loaded branches.

2- Adequate humidity and temperature

Bud rot is a serious problem that can spoil your entire growing, so to protect your girls it is ideal to keep factors such as humidity and temperature under control.

At this stage, you should avoid high temperatures, ideally 20 to 26 °C. While humidity should be reduced to 40-50%, they also recommend reducing the relative humidity to 35-45%.

3- Increased amount of phosphorus and potassium 

Marijuana needs several nutrients, during flowering, for example, it is recommended that the fertilizers used are especially rich in potassium and phosphorus, as these are the main nutrients that the plant uses to produce buds.

4- Bulbs with the red light spectrum 

To promote the formation of flowers, your plants will need you to use indoor lights that contain a red light spectrum.

Also, as we mentioned, in the flowering phase, the strains should receive a 12/12 lighting cycle, that is, 12 hours of light and 12 hours of total darkness.

5- Avoid stress

Stress in cannabis plants can have negative effects on them. In the flowering stage, you should avoid it at all costs because it can jeopardize your harvest.

Generally, stress can occur when environmental conditions are unfavorable, therefore, it is very important that as a grower you are aware of your plants.


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