What do I do with my marijuana plants in bad weather?

Written by on 8 December, 2021

When you grow your Mary Jane outdoors, you can achieve great results because your girls will usually have plenty of space to develop. However, not everything is rosy because outdoors you are not exempt from suffering the ravages of nature.

On those very rainy days, it is necessary to protect your plantation to avoid future headaches. Look at this post and we will tell you how to protect your weed.

What should you do when it rains?

On rainy days, there are several things to take into account to ensure that everything in your plantation is in order. For example, after the storm passes it is ideal that the plants receive a good flow of air to avoid moisture accumulation.

Remember that in humid climates there is a greater likelihood of fungus appearing on your harvest, so if you can keep your girls from getting wet and staying wet for too long, so much the better.

If when it is going to rain your plants have no protection you can choose to remove your pots to a safe place, if on the contrary they are grown in the ground, you can choose to place over them a plastic to avoid the downpour, always making sure that the air circulates.

If your plants get wet in the rain, after the storm it is recommended to check the plants and shake their stems to remove excess water. Do this lightly to avoid damage.

Branch breakage is another consequence of stormy days. You see, when the plants have many buds, the weight of each branch can increase with the accumulated water, so they could break. To prevent this from happening, the use of stakes is recommended. If you notice any broken branches, repair them with duct tape as soon as possible.


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