What causes my marijuana buds to rot?

Written by on 3 September, 2022

When you start your marijuana plantation you surely aspire everything to be a real success, however, sometimes things may not turn out as you expected.

Suddenly you notice that your buds look different, they start to look gray, sticky or the leaves turn yellow, and you don’t know why.

Well, it’s probably a rot problem, but what’s the reason? Well, stay with us, we’ll tell you about it.

What is bud rot?

Bud rot is an infection that affects marijuana plants. As the name suggests, a type of mold that develops inside cannabis buds and then spreads to the outside causes this problem.

Bud rot when it sprouts is very contagious. It usually affects large, dense buds, although it can also damage lighter, fluffier buds, rendering them unfit for consumption.

Affected buds will begin to darken, discolor, and develop a gray webbing on top and even wilt.

Causes of bud rot

If growing conditions are not optimal, bud rot can develop. This problem arises in grow rooms with high humidity, poor ventilation and inadequate temperatures. To avoid this problem, it is best to ensure optimal conditions in your plantation.

Choose strains that are ideal for your grow room, and make sure they are very resistant plants. Outdoors you can place your girls in a place where they receive plenty of light and air.

If you think this type of mold, you should isolate the plant and cut the part of the flower that is affected infects your mota. If you notice that most of the bud is compromised, even if it hurts, the best thing to do is to get rid of the plant.

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