What can you do to avoid putting your cannabis harvest at risk?

Written by on 29 June, 2022

When you decide to grow your own weed, you most likely want the whole process to be a success. Well, to achieve this, it is ideal that you offer your girls the best conditions for their growth.

However, despite your efforts to keep your outdoor growing up to date, certain inconveniences can always arise that can risk your precious harvest, but don’t worry! In this post, we will tell you what you should do to avoid problems.

1- Prevention is fundamental

“Better safe than sorry” says the saying, and it is very true, it is very important that you take certain precautions in your plantation to avoid headaches in the future.

Pests, for example, are one of the many inconveniences that can occur, so you should look for ways to keep these intruders away from your girls. Neem oil can be very useful for this.

2- Use tutors

Using tutors in your outdoor marijuana plantation will be of great help to avoid putting your harvests at risk.

You see, marijuana plants not only bend or break due to environmental factors, but also because of the excess weight of the buds, for this reason, they need an element to support them and tutors are an excellent option for this. In addition, these tutors favor the increase of flower production.

3- Avoid light pollution

As you know, in the flowering phase your plants will start to develop their sweet and resinous buds. To ensure that everything goes well, your girls will need 12 hours of total darkness, which is why you should avoid interrupting this period without light.

If you notice that in your outdoor plantation the lights of the street lighting for example interfere during the cycle of darkness of your plants, you can choose to grow your plantation on a cart with wheels, and daily when the sun goes out move it to a sector with total darkness.

Final considerations

To ensure that your marijuana plants and your future harvest are not at risk, it is ideal that you plan your growing well in advance. Take into account all the specific care that your Mary Jane needs at each stage of its life cycle and you will notice the great results.



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