What can I do if my grow room is too hot or too humid?

Written by on 6 September, 2022

When growing your own pot indoors you must ensure that your girls grow in the best conditions, so that the results obtained are as expected.

Well, temperature and humidity for example are some of the factors you need to control. If these are not the right ones, your Mary Jane will be in trouble but, what can I do if my grow room becomes too hot or too humid?

Stay with us and keep reading this post, here we will talk about the issue so you will know how you can solve it.

What to do when the growing area is too hot?

Controlling the temperature of the grow room is very important, because if it is too high or too hot it can cause stress in your girls, which can be very harmful.

To lower the temperature indoors you can choose to keep the lights off during the day and turn them on at night.

Using LED lamps will be very helpful in reducing the temperature in the closet as these bulbs generally produce less heat.

It is ideal to make sure that the ventilation system is working efficiently to ensure that the hot air in the grow area is expelled properly and fresh air is brought in.

To avoid too hot an environment in your grow room, it is recommended to place equipment such as light ballasts outside the grow room as these can generate heat.

To make sure that the temperature levels are adequate, use a good thermometer.

What to do when the growing area is too humid?

As with the previous point, it is also ideal to keep the humidity of the grow room under control, because if it is not adequate, your plants are at greater risk of mold and fungus.

With the help of a hygrometer you can measure the humidity of your closet, if it is too high, some growers recommend to reduce it, to increase the supply of fresh and cold air (for example, with 140mm fans for PCs).

It is also advisable to use an oscillating fan to increase air circulation.

A dehumidifier is also an ideal tool that can be very useful, as this device works to remove excess humidity from the indoor growing.

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