What aspects should you take into account when growing marijuana in pots?

Written by on 14 January, 2022

A common way to grow marijuana, either indoors or outdoors, do it in containers or pots.

This growing alternative favors those growers who want to control the size of the plant. Remember that pots can limit the growth of marijuana.

If you choose to use pots in your plantation, you must take into account these tips:

1- Place one plant for each pot

Some growers advise against growing several plants for each pot; the advice would be to use one pot for each cannabis plant; this way, you will avoid the roots competing with each other and will allow you to take care of each flower individually.

2- Choose the ideal size

Pots must have the right size according to the cannabis strain you’re going to grow and the life stage it is in; otherwise, the root system will not develop properly, and therefore, the plants will not grow in the right way, which could affect your growth.

For example, some people recommend using 3-liter pots for micro-growing.

3- Autoflowering plants use a single pot

When growing autoflowering marijuana pots, you should forget about transplants, as this practice could stress the auto plants and affect their growth. Therefore, you should plant them in the definitive pot from the beginning.

4- Opt for containers with holes in the bottom

It is generally recommended that the pots you use to grow your marijuana have holes in the bottom to ensure proper drainage in case of excessive watering.

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