What are tutors and what are they used for in the cannabis growing

Written by on 20 November, 2020

The growers of cannabis can get to face diverse situations during their growing, mainly when a plantation is carried out in the open air because, in the atmosphere there are certain factors that can affect the correct development of the marijuana, like for example, the intense rains and strong winds.

In order to overcome adverse environmental conditions, the cannabis growers have applied mechanisms to keep their precious plants protected. In this post, we want to talk about the tutors and their use in the marijuana growing.

Tutors, a tool to support

The tutors are some stakes, generally, of plastic or bamboo, which are nailed next to the main stem of the marijuana plant and are tied to the same one, with the purpose of offering to the stem of the cannabis a support means. To tutor the plants are also used ScrOG nets, among others.

You see, marijuana plants not only bend or break due to environmental factors, but also because of the excess weight of the cannabis flowers, for this reason, they need an element that helps them avoid damage, and there come into play the tutors in the marijuana growing.

Benefits in the production

Among the benefits offered by tutors in cannabis growing, the one that perhaps attracts more attention from cannabis growers is that tutors favor the increase of bud production.

Keep in mind that by using this tool, marijuana will not waste energy trying to harden and straighten the branches. The less the plant is stressed, the higher the cannabis yield and the vigor of the growth means a higher production.









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