What are cannabis pistils and what is their importance

Written by on 12 November, 2020

To grow cannabis is an exciting activity, and although it seems a complicated task they are not difficult, only certain care is required to make the harvest a success.

If you are just going to begin with your growing, it is ideal that you know everything about marijuana, including its anatomy, since knowing every part of your plants can be very useful.

Have you heard of pistils? No? Well, don’t worry here we’ll tell you what they are and why they are important.

What are the pistils of cannabis?

If you have ever detected elongated, hair-like formations in your marijuana, they are pistils. These are the feminine sexual organ of the cannabis.

When these small hairs that excel of the calyx of a feminine flower enter in contact with the pollen of a masculine plant the pollination takes place. Therefore, your female plants will begin to produce seeds and invest less energy in developing quality flowers.

Most growers look to produce feminized cannabis plants without seeds, as these provide the large, resinous buds.

Importance of Pistils

To know to detect the pistils is important since these can indicate the sex to you of your cannabis. You should only observe your plants. If you see that the pistils are present, and then your plant is female, if they are not, it means that they are male.

These speeds can also work as an indicator to determine the time of harvest.

You will know that the time to harvest your fruits is approaching when the white pistils start to change color. When most of them have turned orange or red, it is time to harvest.


Make sure you give your cannabis plants the best conditions during the growing process, to avoid stress and hermaphrodite plants (those with male and female reproductive organs). These plants can have pistils and are capable of producing pollen.

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