Types of pots perfect for marijuana growing

Written by on 31 August, 2022

Before starting your marijuana growing, you must be very clear about the type of pot you’re going to use; although it may seem an irrelevant detail, this factor can be so much decisive.

The type of container used can directly affect the health of the roots of your flowers, and without a healthy root system, you will not get the results you expect in your harvest.

Review some of the types of pots most commonly used in your marijuana growing, and decide on the one that best suits your type of planting.

Types of pots to grow marijuana

1- Square plastic pot

These are usually some of the most used pots in cannabis growing. They come in different sizes, perfect to take advantage of the available space. They are usually deeper than wide.

You can find them in white or black color. During the hot months, it is recommended to use white pots outdoors because they reflect the light and do not heat up the root system so much.

Black pots, on the other hand, are indicated for the cold months as they absorb heat and protect the roots from overcooling.

2- Growing bags

Growing bags are generally inexpensive containers, you can throw them away as soon as you finish growing and they are ideal for transplanting.

These bags are usually taller than wide with a round and elongated shape, perfect for indoor growing. However, some people claim that some of them have drainage problems, so you will have to make additional holes at the bottom of the bags.

3- Air-Pots

This type of pot has holes on the sides, and its size is tall and slender. Thanks to its perforated design, it facilitates or allows aerial pruning of the roots, preventing them from getting tangled. In addition, these containers can be used several times and guarantee good airflow and drainage.

The downside is that they can be expensive pots and you will have to be aware of watering your plants constantly because the substrate in these pots tends to dry out much faster.

4- Grid pots

This type of pot is designed for hydroponic and aeroponic growing. They are very resistant pots that can be used several times.

The grids of this pot allow the roots to go out freely to find water or nutrients. With this type of pot, you forget about bad drainage.

5- Fabric Pots or Smart Pots

Smart pots are containers made of a resistant and porous fabric, you can get them in different sizes. They can be easily cleaned and stored.

This pot allows the aeration of the substrate as well as natural root pruning. They also help to develop a better root system.

Just keep in mind that the substrate of the Smart Pots usually dries out before that of traditional pots.



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