Types of fans for cannabis growing

Written by on 24 August, 2022

Just as temperature control, irrigation and lighting are important; ventilation is also a key element in indoor growing.

In the cannabis industry, there are several types of fans, so in this post we present you some of them.

Importance of fans for marijuana growing

Fans are a fundamental tool for providing airflow to the growing cabinet, with which the marijuana will be strengthened, since ventilation favors the exchange of gases, and helps to develop greater resistance to this controversial plant.

Which fan should we use?

As we mentioned before, in the market we can find fans of different sizes and types, these are the most common:

1) Standing fan: this is perhaps the most used of all, since its oscillation provides many benefits and it can generally have different speeds. Place it in front of your cannabis from about 2m away and at speed 1.

2) Industrial fan: this fan is very resistant and versatile, as you can use it as a stand fan or as a wall fan, among others, and handle the speeds and oscillation function.

3) Clip-on fan: this model is ideal for cabinets where there is not much distance between the floor and the appliance.

4) Wall fan with control: this type of fan is quite practical in cases where there is a difficult access to the plants. Thanks to the control that comes with it, we can connect it, disconnect it and operate the oscillating mode and speeds, easily.


Remember that beyond the model of the fan, it is ideal to look for one with which you can manage the speeds, and of course, acquire a fan that is oscillating so that it distributes the air in great part of the culture.

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