Tricks to protect our marijuana plants from strong winds

Written by on 7 September, 2022

Growing marijuana outdoors is not always an easy task because many factors can occur unexpectedly and affect your harvest; one of them is the wind.

If your growing is prone to strong winds, the best thing to do is to look for an alternative to prevent your girls from being harmed; because intense air currents can break or fracture the branches and leaves of your marijuana. To protect your growing, review some of these alternatives that you can carry out.

How to protect marijuana plants from wind?

There are ways to take care of your plantation, and the best thing is that they are alternatives or techniques that are very easy to put into practice.

To keep your flowers safe: the most used method is to tie the plants to stakes or tutors driven into the ground. To hold your strains, you can use a rope, remember to tie them very carefully, and the knot you make to attach the plant to the stake should not be too tight.

You can also choose to plant your marijuana near hedges or bushes as these could act as a windbreak. So, if you grow your cannabis in pots, you can move your pots so that the plants are more protected near the walls, but make sure they get enough sunlight.

There are tricks or alternatives that you can do to protect your marijuana flowers from winds; choose the method that best suits you.

Ideally, before setting up your growing, choose a good place, keep yourself informed of the weather conditions in the area where you will place your plantation, and establish in advance how you’re going to protect your cannabis.


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