Tricks to increase your cannabis harvest

Written by on 19 September, 2022

When you dedicate yourself to grow cannabis, one of the most gratifying stages of this activity is the moment of the harvest, because it is here where you can appreciate the fruit of your work.

Of course, as every grower you will dream of obtaining great yields in your plantation, there are many techniques you can implement for it, so, if you are interested in knowing some of them, take a look at this post.

1- Choose productive seeds

Before starting with your plantation, one of the most important aspects is that you know in detail the characteristics of the variety you are going to choose. Remember that each strain of cannabis can have a different quality. Some marijuana plants by their genetics can offer you bigger yields than others.

In addition, having the exhaustive knowledge of your plant, will allow you to offer it the best environmental and nutritional conditions that it needs, so that it can reach its full potential.

2- Bigger pots

One way to increase your harvest is by choosing the right size of pots, the bigger they are, the more room your plants will have to grow, so you can get a more abundant harvest. Just keep in mind that the growing stage will be longer.

3- Train your plants

Training a cannabis plant is one of the most widely used ways to manipulate its growth. Usually, the cultivators do it because they want to obtain incredible yields.

There are different techniques that you can carry out as for example SOG (Sea of Green), ScrOG (Screen of Green), Supercropping, among others. Each of these methods, if well done, can improve the total yield of your growing.


One of the ways that will help you take your growing to a higher level is by taking notes of each of the steps you take in your plantation. Even though it may seem very simple, if you take notes of your movements, you will know later what you did, for example how much fertilizer you used or when you last watered, this way, if something is not right, you can re-evaluate your growing plan.

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