Touching marijuana seeds without gloves, is good or bad?

Written by on 5 May, 2022

Usually when a cannabis seed does not germinate, the first thing that comes to your mind is that you were unlucky with the genetics you bought.

Well, the truth is that there may be several reasons why your seeds don’t sprout, and one of them seems to be the way we handle them.

What happens if I touch cannabis seeds without gloves?

Some growers believe that touching marijuana seeds without gloves is a real problem, a novice mistake, as they argue that the fingers of the hands are covered with essential oils that can stick to the seeds causing inconveniences.

As we have already mentioned, there is still a diversity of opinions on this subject, since there are also those who think that there is no danger in using unprotected hands to handle cannabis seeds, but, when in doubt, it is better not to risk it, don’t you think? As the popular saying goes, “it is better to be safe than sorry”.

Moving seeds safely

If you don’t have gloves, don’t worry, there are many other safe ways that will help you move the seeds from one place to another without running risks, here we mention two:

1- Use long tweezers

Usually, most people have a set of metal tweezers at home. Well, this tool can be very useful to move your seeds.

2- Use the original container

To avoid direct contact of your seeds and your hands, you can always choose to take the seeds out of their container and put them directly into the growing medium without touching them.

You know the next time you are going to handle your Mary Jane seeds, it is best to take your precautions.


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