Top 3 gifts for a cannabis grower

Written by on 17 August, 2020

Today many people are choosing to grow their own cannabis. In this sense, it is very likely that among your friends who love the mote, some are dedicated to this activity. If so, you can surprise them with a gift that will be useful for their cannabis plantation. Here’s a top 3 gift idea for that special someone, so read on.

1) Plant labels

Plant labels are definitely a great gift, because any grower can identify his plants and know exactly which variety he planted. You can also write down important dates.

You see, sometimes different varieties can be planted, and in many cases, if they have not been labeled, distinguishing one from the other can be complicated because many varieties have similar characteristics, so it is very easy to get confused.

2) Ballast

This appliance regulates the current, keeps stable and limits the electrical intensity of the lamps used in the growing space, so it will be a great help for your grower friend.

3) Carbon filter

A carbon filter is undoubtedly an excellent gift because it controls the odors of cannabis, as you know; many strains give off strong fragrances.


If you are going to give a gift to your grower friend, make sure the products are of high quality, as these could provide better results.





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