Tips when pruning cannabis

Written by on 20 September, 2020

If you are just starting out in marijuana growing, and you want to prune your cannabis, it’s very important that you follow a few tips to do it right. In this post, we give you 3 recommendations:

1) Inquire about the techniques

There are many techniques for pruning marijuana plants, including apical pruning, or fimming. Before applying any of these techniques, it is imperative that you do more research on the subject, so you can know what is the most convenient technique for your plants and you can avoid making mistakes.

Likewise, make sure you know the precise moment when you should prune the marijuana plants (according to the chosen method) and how many times it is advisable to do so. Remember that if you do not prune correctly you could cause some problems for your plants and affect their development.

2) Maintain hygiene

Use the correct tools to carry out the pruning and make sure that they are very clean. It is also important that you maintain hygiene when handling your plants and in the environment.

If you are going to use scissors, try to make them comfortable, sharp and 100% sterile.

3) Practice       

If you do not have much experience pruning cannabis, beyond the technique used, it is better to practice with a few plants just in case.

Anyway, do not worry that practice makes the master, and if you follow all the steps correctly, you may perform the pruning properly.











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