Tips to start your guerrilla marijuana growing

Written by on 20 November, 2021

Guerrilla marijuana growing consists of planting cannabis outdoors in a secret way. Generally, the location of these plantations is usually a wild and discreet place.

This way of growing marijuana is especially perfect if you have little space to plant at home. In addition, by planting your weed away from your home and in an isolated area, you reduce the risk of your plants being discovered.

If this growing alternative caught your attention, keep reading this article because we will give you some tips to start your own guerrilla marijuana grow.

1- Location of the plantation

Choose an inconspicuous area where there is little chance that your plants will be detected. Guerrilla growing are not grown in parks or public roads but in places such as forests, fields or less frequented places.

 2- Select the right strain

Avoid growing gigantic plants that attract attention. Choose compact marijuana strains that are characterized by being resistant. Autoflowering cannabis plants are a very good choice, they are not only small and discreet, they are also fast and robust.

3- Make sure that the cycles of darkness are observed

When choosing an area to start a guerrilla grow, it is also important to make sure that there are no streetlights nearby that can interrupt the darkness cycles of your plants.

Take into account that for example for your girls to reach a successful flowering they need 12 hours of total darkness.

4- Protect your plants

Growing cannabis in the middle of nature has its risks because your girls can be victims of thieves or animals. Find a way to protect them. You can choose to build a kind of cage with chicken wire. This way, large animals will stay away from your plants.

Also, take other preventive measures, such as using neem oil to keep pests at bay.

5- Maintain discretion

Keep in mind that you will end up visiting your plants very often, so to maintain discretion, avoid taking the same route every time. Find a different route whenever you can.

You can also plant other species of plants around your cannabis to keep your plantation hidden.

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