Tips to reduce the noise of your indoor grow

Written by on 10 May, 2022

When you grow your Mary Jane indoors, there are certain pieces of equipment that you need to install to ensure that your flowers grow in the best conditions.

Well, equipment such as fans and extractors usually cause noises that can be a bit annoying. Even if you prefer to keep your plantation secret, you will hardly succeed.

Don’t panic! Keep reading this post, here we will give you some tips to reduce those sounds from your home grow.

Use soundproof boxes

Generally what causes the most noise in our growing is the extractor, and not only that, it vibrates. To solve this problem, one recommendation is to put the extractor in a soundproof box.

You will see these boxes are designed with a material that isolates the noise, so it is a simple alternative that will surely be very useful.

Avoid using fans fixed to the wall

Another option advised by some growers is to avoid fixing fans to the wall, as these devices are often the cause of noise due to their vibration.

Soundproof the room

If you want to block out more noise, a good idea might be to soundproof your grow room. Although it sounds complicated, it is very simple. You can use a foam that is sold in building materials stores for this purpose. With this material attached to your walls, you will isolate the noise in the room.




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