Tips to prevent the presence of Botrytis fungus in your cannabis growing

Written by on 30 August, 2020

When you start in the world of the cannabis growing, you have to know that there are many factors that you must take into account to guarantee that your plants develop perfectly, one of them is to be attentive to the dampness, since if it is not the suitable one it favors the appearance of mushrooms as the Botrytis.

If you already know this type of fungus, you will know that it can cause various damages to your plants and even ruin your harvest.

Look at this post and take note of some tips to avoid the appearance of these annoying fungi.

1- Keep the growing area clean

To avoid the presence of this fire is ideal to keep the place where you are growing clean, either indoors or outdoors. Remove any leaves that are in the ground, remember that the spores also germinate in dead plant matter.

It is also important to sterilize the tools of the growing every time you use it, this way you will reduce the risk of the appearance of this fungus.

2- Maintain adequate humidity

As we mentioned, this fungus develops easily in humid environments and at average temperatures of 17 to 25ºC, so it is ideal to keep the humidity in your plantation under control.

Try to keep the humidity of your cannabis growing below 50% during the flowering phase. It is also ideal to separate the plants to circulate air between them, as well as good ventilation.

3- Use the right variety of cannabis

If you already know your environment of growing, and this one is prone to the appearance of the grey mould, it is important that you select the variety of cannabis that is appropriate, remember that the plants of marijuana have different characteristics and there are some that are usually more resistant to these mushrooms than others are.

You can choose varieties like Easy Haze or Juanita La Milagrosa.


If you have a plant infected with this fungus, the first thing you should do is to prune all the affected parts, usually cutting a few inches too much so that the healthy part is not infected.

When you are going to cut the plants, remember to clean the materials before and after using them. In addition, maintain adequate ventilation to limit moisture and prevent the fungus from reappearing.

It is also important to keep in mind that the parts affected by the fungus should not be consumed, as it could cause damage to your health.




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