Tips to prevent the appearance of pests in your marijuana growing

Written by on 20 August, 2021

Pests are the worst enemies of the cannabis grower, and how not if these little intruders can cause havoc on your plantation.

There are lots of pests that can invade marijuana growing, so the best thing to do is to prevent them from appearing. Luckily, there are several alternatives that you can put into practice.

An excellent option to keep pests away from your precious growing is to keep your growing space tidy and clean. That’s right, this simple and easy tip will help you reduce the chances of pests, diseases, or mold taking over your plants.

Sticky strips can be an option to prevent pests from invading your growth. These can be hung around cannabis plants to capture invaders. Pests such as mulch flies will land on them and get stuck. It’s not a definitive solution but it will help.

Growing other plant species will help keep those intruders away. For example, some say that the intense scent of mint bothers certain pests such as ants.
Potassium soap can also be used in your plantation, this is a type of ecological soap made from potassium salts. It has no toxic compounds and is ideal for preventing and eliminating certain types of pests and fungus in marijuana growing.

Final considerations

Regardless of whether you grow your Mary Jane indoors or outdoors, it is ideal that you always keep an eye on your plantation, as it will be easier to detect pests quickly.

Observe your flowers in detail, usually, when pests are present, for example, you will notice changes in color, stains, or deformations on the leaves.


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