Tips to keep the roots of your cannabis plants healthy

Written by on 4 September, 2020

When you decide to grow your own cannabis, you have to know that there are factors to take into account for everything to be perfect, one of them is to keep the roots of your plants healthy, since they are the base that sustains water and nutrients to all the rest of the plant.

Being under the ground it is common that many growers do not pay attention to the roots, but it is important to keep in mind that without a healthy root system, your cannabis plants will have difficulties to grow properly.

Healthy roots are the key to making your plantation more successful. Look at this post and learn 3 tips to take care of your plants’ roots.

1- Choose a quality substrate

One way to ensure that your roots grow healthy is to use a quality substrate. It is ideal to take substrates that come with materials that retain moisture and bring oxygen to the soil, such as those rich in perlite or vermiculite.

You can also use substrates that allow fungi, insects and microbes to live in and help keep the soil loose and aerated.

2- Adequate watering

Excessive watering can cause the roots not to breathe properly, and is one of the main causes of root rot, which is why you need to learn to water your plants properly.

Similarly, insufficient watering can have negative consequences, since the root system will dry out and become fragile, making it difficult for weak roots to transport nutrients to the rest of the plant.

The soil should be dry enough before watering the plants again, and one way to know if the plants need water is to lift the pot with your hands and feel the weight of the pots. If the pot is still too heavy, it may be too early to water again.

3- Select a place with enough space

The size of a plant is partly determined by the amount of space the roots have to develop. If you don’t have enough space for them to grow, you will run the risk of them becoming entangled.

When you start to grow, be sure to use adequate containers or transplant in time to avoid limited growth problems.

If you grow outdoors, your plants’ roots will have more freedom to grow, but you should also make sure you plant them in places where there are no obstructions.


To care for the roots and your marijuana plants in general, it is also ideal to keep the growing environment clean, thus avoiding the appearance of fungi, mold and diseases that can compromise your plantation.

Remember to maintain an adequate flow of oxygen, an ideal temperature and the nutrients they need to ensure the development and functioning of the roots.

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