Tips to keep the cannabis growing room clean

Written by on 26 September, 2020

Maintaining hygiene in the marijuana growing rooms is one of the most important aspects when it comes to cannabis plantations, because with it, you can avoid various inconveniences that can seriously affect your plants, such as the appearance of diseases and pests, among others. In this post, we will give you 5 tips to keep the growing area clean.

1) Keep the area clean

Try to clean all the spaces in the environment before starting to grow. It also carries out a thorough cleaning after each harvest, to remove all residues and impurities.

Every so often clean the growing area, but be careful not to affect your plants.

2) Clean the utensils

Regularly clean light bulbs, reflectors and other devices, as these often accumulate dust and dirt, and if they are not cleaned, the operation of these could be affected and this could lead to serious accidents.

Likewise, make sure you sterilize all the tools (before and after using them), but be careful when using chemicals. Also, keep the water supply clean.

3) Organize

Another thing you should also try to do is to make sure that your grow room is very tidy. To do this, you can take different measures, such as using shelves to accommodate the tools and all the elements you need, organizing your pots (keeping the right distance between one plant and another), and keeping the floor clear and clean.

It is very important to avoid the accumulation of water, puddles and spills, and in case they occur, clean them immediately. Remember that indoor crops require electrical appliances, with which, you must be careful, that is why it is also recommended to leave the floor free of wires, as you can be tangled and trip, and cause accidents.

For your part, you should not forget to place trays under the pots to collect any spillage.

4) Stay clean

When you go farming, wear clean clothes and choose a simple outfit that is not too baggy. Above all, maintain hygiene when handling your plants.

5) Remove dead plant material

Make sure you do not store dead plant material, as it could also be a favorable environment for unwanted guests. Choose to prune your plants constantly and remove the remains.

Final recommendations

As we have told you before the cleaning of the room of cannabis growing is a factor of extreme importance, remember that you must carry out this procedure with extreme care and precaution in order not to affect the marijuana plants, nor put at risk your health.

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