Tips to induce or force flowering of cannabis outdoors

Written by on 19 October, 2022

If space is a limiting factor to start with your cannabis growing, don’t worry, outdoors they also develop perfectly.

Growing marijuana outdoors can bring you various advantages, but also disadvantages since your plants are at the mercy of nature. If you live in an area prone to bad weather, it may be ideal to force the flowering of your cannabis to avoid the arrival of winter or rain. Keep reading this post and learn more about this topic.

What is forced flowering?

Forcing or inducing the flowering of cannabis consists in shortening in an effective way the vegetative stage of the marijuana plants so that they flower soon.

There are several reasons that can lead the outdoor growers to take the decision to advance that stage; one of them can be to obtain several harvests throughout the year.

When to induce flowering of your cannabis outdoors

The ideal time to force the flowering of marijuana outdoors will depend largely on your location.

In fresh and moderate climates (as e for example the one of the United Kingdom), you can face very cold and humid autumns, reason why, to avoid that those conditions harm your plantation it is recommended to force the flowering in the middle of June or principles of July.

How to force the flowering of the cannabis in outside

To force the flowering of your strains outdoors, what you will have to do is reduce the amount of light your plants receive. You must expose your strains to 12 hours of total darkness. The method you choose to do this will depend on the number of plants you grow.

One of the techniques you can choose is to move your strains to a basement or garage just make sure that the place gives you the right conditions and that is lightproof.

If you prefer to avoid moving your plants around, you can also place a tarp over them to cover them. Do this every day at the same time to avoid damaging your plants.

Also, make sure that the tarp is lightproof and avoid placing it directly on the plants.

When you cover your plants outdoors or move them indoors, it is necessary that the circulation of fresh air is adequate to avoid the appearance of mold. In some cases, it is advisable to use fans in order to ensure that the airflow is sufficient.


If you prefer not to induce flowering in your marijuana plants but you want to get early harvests, don’t worry there are other ways to achieve this. Try growing auto-flowering or fast flowering cannabis. In a short time, you will be collecting your delicious fruits.

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