Tips to improve the taste and aroma of your cannabis during the growing process

Written by on 10 November, 2020

Like all cannabis growers you will surely dream of a bountiful harvest and THC-rich buds, however, getting an incredible taste and aroma from her flowers is also something many smokers are interested. If you are one of them, this post will most likely get your attention.

Stay with us and take note of some tips to maximize the taste and smell of your marijuana without so many complications. Your senses will thank you!

1- Stimulate the production of terpenes

As you must know, those responsible for giving the delicious taste and aroma of cannabis plants are the terpenes. In all plants these substances are not the same, so you can find varieties with more citrus flavors, sweet, spicy, than others.

To get the maximum taste and aroma of your cannabis plants during the growing the key will be to increase the production of terpenes. To do this, you can implement various techniques such as stressing your plants a little.

There are different methods to stress the cannabis strains as the Low Stress Training or LTS, which can make your plants produce more terpenes and therefore be more tasty and aromatic. Just make sure you apply the method correctly to avoid damaging your strains.

2- Cure your marijuana correctly

Curing your buds properly is fundamental to preserve the exquisite flavors of your marijuana; you will also contribute to increase its psychoactive power. It is ideal that previously the process of manicured and dried have been carried out correctly.

The process of curing is very simple; you only have to put your dried buds in airtight bottles, without pressing them too much. Open the jars for a few minutes each day during the first weeks to allow the air to be renewed.  The curing process takes approximately 1 month.

3- Choose the right strain to grow

To obtain harvests of plants of marijuana more flavorful and aromatic surely the simplest form will be that you choose a variety of cannabis that is genetically prone to it, that is to say that within its qualities it is characterized to produce some incredible flavors and aromas.

At the time of selecting a strain of marijuana to grow, be sure to find out which one has a higher concentration of terpenes and the dominant flavor it contains.


Following the techniques mentioned above to obtain delicious buds is fundamental, however, one aspect that you should never neglect is to be attentive to your plantation and ensure that your flowers receive the proper care they need such as maintaining adequate watering, lighting, temperature and humidity.



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