Tips to get more resin production in marijuana flowers

Written by on 5 March, 2022

After investing time and effort in your plantation, there is no better reward for a cannabis grower than to get a few buds full of THC-charged resin, don’t you think?

Well, if you started your own growing, surely you would like to get some beautiful buds. Continue reading, here we will give you some advices so that you obtain some very resinous flowers.

Cannabis resin

As you know, the resin produced by your marijuana plants are those that contain the highest concentration of trichomes, those white hairs that contain cannabinoids and terpenes (which give marijuana its particular aroma, flavor and effect).

Ok, now you understand why most growers want to increase their concentration.

Nowadays the resin production of a certain variety of Mary Jane is a characteristic more and more valued by the cannagrowers and producers of extracts.

Tricks to increase the production of resin

To increase the production of this sticky substance, it is essential that you guarantee your plants the care they need, so that they can develop their full potential. Keep in mind aspects such as temperature, light pollution, humidity and water.

If you keep your plants well fed, be sure that the results will be the expected ones. Macronutrients, micronutrients and vitamins are essential to enhance the production of resin in any strain of cannabis.

In indoor growing, the temperature should range from 18ºC or 15ºC at night and 25ºC with the lights on, especially during flowering and to encourage resin production is ideal that the humidity is below 30%.

To choose a variety of marijuana that is genetically characterized by producing high quantities of resin will also be of great help. For example, strains like Cream Caramel or Green Poison from Sweet Seeds will surely attract your attention.






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