Tips on how to start your own cannabis grow in an aeroponic system

Written by on 13 November, 2021

If you have some experience in the world of cannabis growing, then it’s time for you to take the next step and try growing your Mary Jane in an aeroponic system. You will get great results!

You see, aeroponics does not require any substrate for cannabis to develop, this technique consists of suspending the roots of cannabis plants in the air, and nutrients are applied directly to the roots through spraying.

This method of growing offers many advantages, which is why, if you are interested in this activity, in this post we will give you some tips to take into account.

Evaluate your budget

Many growers claim that through this method, you can get high yields, but to achieve this you will have to make a large investment, because setting up an aeroponic system is a bit expensive.

It is ideal that you evaluate the budget you have before deciding on this growing system. If you are able to carry out this technique, then the investment will be worth it.

Look for the right lamps

As with any type of marijuana growing, your plants need light to develop properly. Well, therefore, it is important that you choose the right lamps.

Many growers recommend the use of CFL or LED lights for aeroponics because they make it easier to control the room temperature. In aeroponics, the water in the reservoir should not get too hot.

In case the grow room is too warm you can choose to adjust the ventilation and extraction of the growing.

Maintain an optimal environment

For your cannabis to grow in the best way it is ideal that you offer optimal conditions for its development.

Well, one of the factors you should control is the temperature. It is recommended to maintain a room temperature of about 21°C. In addition, it is also important that there is good ventilation.

Keep a constant watch

Finally yet importantly, you must be attentive to the entire installation, checking often that all the equipment is working perfectly.

You see, growing in aeroponics requires more attention, because some alteration in the nutrient level, the pH of the water or the temperature can cause the plants to get sick quickly, and of course, nobody wants that. Keeping an eye on your girls will allow you to act as quickly as possible.



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