Tips for using fans in marijuana growing

Written by on 20 October, 2022

Cannabis growing indoors makes it easier to control factors such as temperature and ventilation, but if you do not do them properly, this could work against you. Today we will focus on giving you some recommendations on how fans should be used in the marijuana plantation.

Fans are a fundamental tool for the movement of air within your growing area and that is why we recommend the following considerations:

1) Time

When your plants are exposed to light, it is ideal for the ventilation to be at its best so that the plants remain fresh. As long as the lights are off, you can reduce the speed of your fan.

However, bear in mind that it is not possible to stop ventilation for a very long period, as the renewal of air that a fan brings to the growing is important. At the flowering stage, you should be generous with ventilation.

Some suggest that cannabis ventilation can be provided continuously in 15-minute on and 15-minute off periods. For wet growing, continuous air is better.

2) Quantity

The number of fans you need in a growing area will depend on the size of the space you have and the model of the fan. You must make sure that each plant receives sufficient airflow.

3) Location

When placing them in a specific location, make sure that the leaves of this plant move evenly. In addition, they should not be placed directly on the cannabis for a long time in a row in the growing phase.

As the plants grow, we will be able to switch to larger fans, in order to encourage their movement.


We can find different models, but the ideals are those whose speeds can be modified, and they must also be oscillating so that they can distribute the air correctly in the room.


Make sure that the power of the ventilation is ideal to produce a soft and continuous breeze, which covers all corners of the growing, but is not too powerful to cause breaks in the plants and other inconveniences.


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