Tips for the vegetative phase of cannabis

Written by on 21 November, 2021

When you grow your own cannabis, you have to know that your marijuana plants will go through various stages during their life cycle, so you have to be careful to give them the specific care they need.

One of those stages we are talking about is the growth phase, better known as vegetative. Follow with us and take note of some advices that we will give you to take care of your cannabis strains during this stage.

Vegetative phase of cannabis

This period of the growing cycle takes place when the seedling comes to the surface and ends with the beginning of the flowering phase. During this stage, your plants will stop being small seedlings and will start to develop. The vegetative stage can last between 3 and 16 weeks, depending on the genetics of each strain.

Adequate light cycles in the vegetative stage

Unlike outdoor growing, when you grow your flowers indoors, it will be much easier for you to guarantee your girls the optimal conditions for their growth.

Indoors you can control the lighting, without a doubt, one of the most important aspects of growing marijuana.

For best results in your plantation, many growers recommend during the vegetative stage to place their photoperiodic flowers under a cycle of 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness, when the flowering phase begins, the light cycle should be changed from 18-6 to 12-12.

It is also advisable to use good lighting equipment to allow the plants to grow healthy and strong. Many use LED lights to illuminate their strains.

Adjust the nutrient mix

Cannabis plants have specific nutritional needs for each stage of their life cycle.

During the vegetative period, your flowers will need, in addition to other nutrients, higher levels of nitrogen, which contributes to the growth of stems and leaves. You can choose to buy fertilizers prepared for the vegetative phase to simplify the work.


Air circulation is necessary to keep plants in vegetation in good health.

In a closet or grow room, an inlet fan and an exhaust fan will keep the air fresh. Keep in mind that ventilation also helps prevent mold and mildew from forming.

Final considerations

In addition to the factors mentioned above, your cannabis strains will also need proper temperature, watering and substrate to grow optimally during the growing season. Remember that the vegetative phase sets the stage for flowering, the healthier your strains are at this stage; the better they will be for flowering and offer you a great harvest.





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