Tips for taking care of your marijuana cuttings

Written by on 12 December, 2022

Growing marijuana from cuttings has many advantages, one of them for example is that you will save time in your plantation.

Yes, that’s right, by using clones you will not have to wait for the seed to germinate and become a seedling of adequate size, because with this method you skip this stage. You only need to give it time to develop roots, and soon you will have a plant ready to grow.

In addition, cuttings are an excellent alternative to preserve the genetic qualities of a marijuana plant.

If you opt for this growing option, then take note of some tips that we will give you to take care of your cannabis clones as best as possible.

1- Maintain ideal temperature and humidity levels

In order for your cuttings to survive and produce good results, they need proper care, so it is very important to keep factors such as temperature and humidity under control.

For your cuttings to take root, the ideal temperature should be between 20° and 25 ºC and humidity between 80 and 90% approximately.

2- Recommended light cycle

Choose the most suitable lights for your cuttings. You can choose to use CFL or flourescent lamps.

Some growers use different light cycles for their clones, but it is generally advised to apply a vegetative growth light cycle of 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness.

3- Spray the leaves

Keep in mind that young cuttings do not have roots, so watering the substrate will not do much good. Instead, it is recommended to lightly spray the leaves of the young cuttings a couple of times a day.

Only water the substrate if it is drying out; never soak or water it as you would a normal plant.

4- Place the lights at an adequate distance

Make sure you place the grow lights at the right distance, the idea is that your cuttings get the lighting they need but without causing them to burn.

Some growers advise that the distance between the fluorescent lights and the cuttings should be about 18cm.

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