Tips for Super Cropping in your cannabis growing

Written by on 8 September, 2022

As a marijuana grower, do you are probably looking for new methods to improve your harvests, right? Well, Super Cropping can probably help you.

You see, this is a high-stress training technique that involves carefully bending the branches to damage the inner fibers without breaking them, which makes it easier for light to reach more parts of the bud, reducing shaded areas. As a result, your flowers can increase their productive potential.

Although it may be a little scary to do it for the first time, after you enjoy its results you won’t want to stop doing it in your plantation. Say no more and keep reading this post, we will give you some tips to apply it.

Recommendations for using this technique in your growing

1- Be well informed on how to implement this technique because it requires some skill to perform it, a simple mistake could seriously hinder the growth of your Mary Jane.

2- Be patient when performing this method, do it without haste and with care. If the branches break, not only could the yields be affected, but also the risk of your girls getting sick increases.

3- It is important to keep in mind that you should never practice Super Cropping with plants that have nutritional deficiencies, pests or any other type of negative stress, on the contrary, this technique should be applied to completely healthy flowers.

4- Some growers recommend that before applying Super Cropping you wait until the plant develops, at least until the third or fourth week of the vegetative period, and that it reaches a height of about 30 cm.

5- Plan the moment when you are going to carry out this technique and get all the materials you are going to need, usually gloves, tape, ties or string and stakes are required.

Super Cropping is a great high stress technique that can offer you great results in terms of the size and quality of your production. Grow your own mota and try it for yourself!




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