Tips for successfully growing marijuana in a window

Written by on 27 January, 2022

There’s nothing like having a good indoor growing closet or garden to plant our beloved marijuana, but when space is limited growing, your Mary Jane in a window of your house or apartment doesn’t sound like a bad idea.

Yes, that’s right windows, are not a bad environment for growing cannabis. Here we will give you some tips for growing your girls there successfully.

Growing weed in a window

One of the first fundamental tips for growing marijuana on a windowsill is that you choose the most suitable spot, that is, select the best-located window, which is the one that receives the most sunlight.

Make sure that your plants receive all the hours of light they need to develop if not, you can supplement this lack by placing artificial light.

You will also have to choose the cannabis genetics you are going to plant, it has to be a marijuana flower that does not grow too much, remember that when growing on a windowsill, you do not have much space.

We recommend you avoid sativas and opt for auto-flowering strains as they are generally easy to grow, do not grow too much, and the best thing is that they do not need a change in the light cycle to start flowering.

To successfully growing your Mary Jane next to your window, we advise you to select a suitable spot. Most windowsills won’t hold 10-liter pots, but a 2-liter can be useful for you. What is important is that your plant has enough room to spread its roots.

Not only is selecting the right pot essential but, so is using a correct substrate to choose a top-quality soil mix rich in nutrients.

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