Tips for selecting the best place to grow marijuana outdoors

Written by on 11 March, 2022

When you decide to grow marijuana outdoors, you must choose the most suitable site for it. It is likely that you still do not know where to set up your plantation; therefore, in this post, we will give you simple tips for you to define it.

When talking about an outdoor growing fundamental aspect that the growing space must have is sufficient sun exposure. More sunlight correlates to large strains and higher yields.

If you plant your cannabis in pots, you can move easy your flowers around if the sunny places in your space change for the growing season.

To choose is an ideal place to grow weed outdoors, one of the recommended tips is to choose a place that is safe from discovery, isolated from animals, or curious onlookers. If possible, the area you choose should be close to a water source, with soil rich in nutrients.

The space you choose to grow your weed must be easily accessible to you. This way, you will be able to detect any unusual circumstances, such as insect or pest problems, nutritional deficiencies, among others.

Take care that the area where you are going to plant your Mary Jane is one in which there is not too much wind because when it is so strong, it can cause damage to the marijuana plant. You will see, intense air currents can fracture or break the branches and leaves of your Mary Jane.



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