Tips for keeping your growing space as safe as possible

Written by on 17 March, 2022

To get into the world of growing cannabis you do not need to have years of experience, but you do need to master certain knowledge to be successful.

If you are just starting out in this activity, you should make sure not only to learn the techniques for planting marijuana but also to learn how to keep the growing space as safe as possible because there can always be risks. If you don’t know how to do it, here are some tips.

1- Prevent fires

During the growing of cannabis indoors, different electrical equipment, lamps, fans, among others, are generally used. Therefore, you will have a large amount of energy in a small space and a lot of heat, which is why it is recommended to pay close attention to the plantation to reduce the risk of fire.

Check your growing equipment regularly to detect failures or leaks in time. Even if you invest in good quality devices, you should be careful.

Also, avoid overloading the circuits or the socket by placing all the adapters in one place as they can overheat.

2- Use the right lights

HPS lighting is usually used in indoor growing; these lights tend to emit a lot of heat, so it is almost mandatory to have a good ventilation system.

These powerful hot lights are excellent when space is adequate. If not positioned correctly these lamps can burn your harvest and in the worst case, can cause a fire.

Many growers recommend instead using CFL or LED lights, as these are generally smaller and generate little heat, and the best part is that they fit in a variety of spaces.

3- Keep the floor dry

This is a simple but very useful tip to keep your plantation safe and of course, yourself, as by drying the floor of your growing space you can prevent slips.

Also keep in mind that a wet floor in a warm, enclosed closet is the perfect breeding ground for mold and bacteria to appear. Moreover, these factors are actually detrimental to your harvest.

Also, keeping the growing room and the tools you use clean will always help.

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